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Default Re: Don't like the Evans G2, any other recommendations?

Originally Posted by richkenyon View Post
AddisonTaras : Here's another thing to throw in the mix. In my opinion you will really struggle to get a good sound from your rack tom at the steep angle it's set up at (as per your video). If you look at the angle at which the sticks contact the head it guarantees a thin tone and I'll bet that you'll soon have dents in the head too, if you don't already.

When all is said and done, the way a drum is struck is just as important as the head choice.
You're actually right, I think I should change the angle of my rack tom
For some reason it has a really flat/thin sound that I don't like, and I assume this is why
The tune/tone is good, but it just sounds very thin and the thing is that it's probably the best tuned things on my kit next to my snare.
So I'll get to that ASAP
Thank you!
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