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Default A constant stupid deal

Just wanted to throw this out there in hopes that someone buys this kit. If nobody does, I might buy it for myself. And I really can't do that with all the drums I already have.

My local Sam Ash (in City of Industry, CA), has a DrumCraft Series 8 maple kit on the floor in this beautiful stain where its red in the middle and fades to dark at the edges. It's a 8x10, 9x12, 14x16, and 18x22 with a matching 5x14snare. They are only asking $625 for the shell pack.

I feel it's one of those I should buy just because. Looking around on eBay thee Series 8 kits are in that 1400-up range from other buyers. This is the last DrumCraft kit Sam Ash will have and then they're not getting anymore. Total blowout deal on pro-level drums.

Somebody buy them before I do. Please ;)

Sorry - I didn't take a picture of it. But give them a call, I'm sure they'll accommodate you with free shipping or something......
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