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Originally Posted by aydee View Post

The band killed it last night... I mean absolutely killed it like never before!

It whats one plays for - each playing off each other, tight as a bull's butt, mistake free, sensitive, great dynamics, beautiful solos, controlled not meandering...totally connecting to an audience which wasnt big on this kinda music to begin with..

..and Im such a downer, always looking for mistakes and weak moments in post- gig band conversations, but last night - NADA!

People danced, cried, jumped up n down with joy, were overcome with emotion and were all over the band..even the pretty girls.

Its what I play for.


PS: Its was a mostly cover, fusion/ R&B set.

( For the curious, heres the set list in sequence )

1) Stratus
2) Pick up the Pieces
3) Drop n Roll
4) Cissy Strut
5) Midget Match
6) Original
7) Red Baron
8) Original
9) Watermelon Man
10) Led Boots

pretty cool set list.
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