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Default Re: Ludwig gaskets

They are probably rubber. The fiber type came on Super Classic (4ply) drums I got 20+ years ago. The gaskets on my '07 CM's (and drums since) are rubber.

I tried to link the pdf's of the part books, but they are too big.

Go here for the PDF's of the parts catalogs from the Ludwig site:

The solid Black does look nicer, but for some reason I liked the fiber type. I don't know why...actually, now that I think about it, I don't care haha! The fiber just seemed nice when I have taken the drums apart.
Never thought about the moisture thing. I guess it could happen, but it would have to be more humid than it is where I live (MI) anyway.

I took the rubber gaskets off (Imperial lugs) on the newer snares I've gotten.
I kept the rubber gaskets under the Bowties on the CM though (also '07). They didn't seem to affect the sound negatively, and the shell is thinner now than the old 6ply, so that little bit of gasket keeps the rods straight.
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