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I just had a great idea. Would it not be cool if we started an online petition to get Jim Gordon out of jail. That would be so satisfying. Kind of a thank you for everything he gave us. Any advise on how to implement that would be appreciated. I mean, if that act, killing his mother, is the only violent thing the man ever did in his whole life, well maybe it was a freak occurrence that was beyond his control at the time, given his mental condition and the state of mental health treatment in those days.. He served a lot of time. Close to thirty years, right? That's a lot. I don't think he's a danger to society. He's an older man now. I'm betting the guy isn't going to kill anyone anymore. That would be such a great thing if we could pull this off. I feel it's our duty and responsibility to at least try. I want him as a member here so bad, just so his knowledge doesn't fade away. I want to do this.

I'm serious about this. I think we should put all of Drummerworlds weight and influence behind this. This should be a call to arms. It's a travesty that he is still in jail. He paid his price, he's square with the house IMO. So.....

Who's with me!?
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