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Well, if one considers just the pure art form of drumming, one would have to consider Moon one of the best modern drummers. If you listen closely to Naked Eye from Who's Next, Moon's concept of drumming in concert with the lead guitar reveals a whole new way of redefining the role of the drum in the convential four piece band. Of course, Moon did this with earlier music with the Who, but that song, in my opinion, gives a clear example of tremendous contribution he made to drumming and music. Yes, he was unconventional and boorish at times, but when looking one's personal life, especially a celeberities, you must consider the good with the bad. It is too bad that individual's become almost slavish in devotion to one person's style, while overlooking the contributions of others. All muiscians are creative to some degree, and in my opinion, Moon, on the drum set, was creative and innovative, two intangibles that are necessary to create in a rock band setting.
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