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Default Re: Playing eletronic drums in a flat/appartment?

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
Oh I get it. My kit doesn't have a pedal with batterhead, but a pedal with a sensor that registrates the beat of the pedal. And my appartment building is made out of concrete with a steel frame, so even with a real pedal it wouldn't create problems. I'm lucky.

I suggest you put some sort of mat under your kit to reduce vibrations. It should work.
Lex- are you using Krigg Triggera bass drum triggers?
To the OP- I've recommended these on numerous threads for people asking about silent e-drums. Your bass drum pad (even if its mesh) is by far the loudest part of the kit and these eliminate this issue (although they do take a while to get used to).
The best advice I can give you is go for all mesh heads and the Triggeras for your bass drum (otherwise you will need to build the drum riser/ install insulation in the apartment , etc).
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