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Default Re: Question About Bass Drum Chains

Remove the chain from the pedal.
Put some automotive Automatic Transmission Fluid or light Hydraulic Oil in a small pan.
Coil the chain up and stir it around in the fluid for a while. Then soak it overnight.
Wipe off the excess fluid and the chain will be clean, rust free, and lubed.

ATF is a great solvent. I have been using it to clean things for many years.
I learned about the cleaning properties of ATF from working in a transmission repair shop.
My tools would always be clean and rust free from being exposed to the fluid.
There would be no dirt under my fingernails at the end of the day.
It is designed to be both a solvent and a lubricant inside of a transmission.
There are also products for cleaning bicycle and motorcycle chains that are similar.

The bearings and hinges on the pedal can also squeak. There are vids on YouTube that show how to clean and lube them.
They can be soaked and cleaned the same way as the chain.
I kind of like old drums:)

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