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Default Re: Anyone else into quality audio?

Like many others here noted, my funds have depleted with my two sons college educations, and declining income. That said, I was excited to see your post as I am way behind the curve on audio gear. My highest achieving system consisted of Alon II speakers,Musical fidelity integrated and Sony 7700 DVD player. The Alons/Acarian System speakers are hard to beat at any price.

I am hoping someone here might clue me in to the current budget gear buys, as well as wireless audiopjile speakers (if they exist yet...)

I would like to encourage those of you on a budget about my current home theatre/dedicated music listening setup:
Yamaha HS80 powered speakers,Sony blue ray and Apple TV. The Yamahas actually do an amazing job, and require no external amplification. They will do it all, (in relative terms) for a very low cost.
I added the notion of Apple TV because you can watch YouTube Videos (as well as Netflix etc) Seeing Vinnie thru the powered Yamahas DOES convey the reality of his skills beyond mere earthlings WAY BETTER than watching it on your computer...
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