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Default Re: Anyone else into quality audio?

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
If you obsess over the best possible sound, and know what a pre-amp is and would never use just a receiver, When someone has a home theater in a box and make a remark about how good it sounds and you try not to laugh, you might be an audiophile.
This has been my main hobby for most of my life I got into it about 8 years old and have been going ever since. I have built and installed I dont know how many car stereos some of them were complex as hell. Now I am pretty much out of the car audio and got back into home audio. I have build home speakers and subwoofers and recently rebuilt a bunch of Polk SDA speakers, new tweeters, put new capacitors and resistors in the crossovers. I have had about 140 pairs of home speakers throughout my life and at one time I had like 27. I have always had a good ear for what sounds good and simply hate it when someone is listening to music on their phone or laptop. I am a fanatic about music and sound, also the best sound when it comes to movie soundtracks.
Anyone else on the forum like me? what are some of your stories? what kind of set up do you have?
This is my most current set up, at one time I had three audio rigs but in this house I can only have one.
Hearing high level (audiophile) sound was the costliest mistake I ever made!

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