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Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
for sure ....the quarter note is what drives the band I mentioned in my original post you must internalize it ......but that "filler" is indeed quite necessary not to mention a pretty integral part of the coordination involved in jazz vocabulary .

and don't feel like you have to stick to "55" or "lang spang a lang" ...whatever you want to call it.....the ride cymbal should be a melody within itself

a lot of the post bop and more modern guys would take some of the comping patterns that you may here some of the bebop guys of the 40s and 50s play on the snare drum....and play them on the ride cymbal.....give a much less cluttered modern sound

try turning the pattern around ...try a 3 3 2 type pattern.... tie some notes.....variations are nice and add greatly to the music

check out this Ian Froman series ...there are 5 parts
This is interesting to read. My drum teacher has worked me solely on the pad for 6 months. A few weeks ago he said: Lets sit down and play some drums. With that, he had me play the ride in a swing on 2 and 4 only. I am extremely focused on the 2 and 4, keeping it even. He doenst let me leave anything to chance. its like Paint the Fence.....
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