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Default Re: Anyone else into quality audio?

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
Right, but what I'm getting at is that if your speaker costs more than the microphone used to record the sound,(or frankly and device in the recording mixing or mastering chain) what are you really gaining from all that expense?
I meant that deficiences* in the amp/speaker end of the system are more obvious than with other components, and it's more expensive to achieve higher quality, so that's where I spent my money. Spending more on a CD player or cartridge isn't as dramatic an improvement, so I'm more modest with those expenses.

Can a CD player that costs $2000 really sound better than the $200 one? Maybe a little... but definitely not by a factor of 10. But can a $10,000 preamp, amp & speaker system sound better than the $1000 one? Absolutely, and those differences are more readily obvious to the ear. I don't think that end of the system can be compromised for those who want great sound, whereas other components in the chain do not get markedly better as they become more esoteric.

My money is definitely better spent on the "gain" end of the system than on the source components.


* Noise, clipping, sound coloring
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