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Default Alan Gratzer

I was thinking about my first ever concert the other day. It was REO Speedwagon who played at the college I was attending in Indiana in the autumn of 1973. I was really impressed with Alan Gratzer. I followed his career since then. I did a search and was surprised that there were no threads concerning him.

My favorite albums by REO Speedwagon are REO TWO, Ridin' the Storm Out, You Can Tune a Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish, the Cowhide album, Nine Lives, and of course Hi Infidelity.

It's a shame that REO had to suffer the "Curse Of The Number One Album". There was definitely a backlash against the power ballads in Hi Infidelity. In reality REO Speedwagon was (and still is, although with different members) a great rock band. And Alan Gratzer was the driving force.
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