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Default Re: Don't like the Evans G2, any other recommendations?

Originally Posted by AddisonTaras View Post
Thank you all of you for your help, you all truly helped me.
After tuning more and more I got them to sound pretty good
However, it is true that since I don't have a good resonant head and they've been used on another kit before - they don't sound up to the G2 standards.
Plus the sound in general just isn't for me, I need something with more attack/punch - but not completely dead, and I think that's the EC2 (or Pinstripes? I hear they break easily though)
I've had pinstripes for about a year as my metal heads- I'm not a really hard hitter but they've lasted. EC2s and Pinstripes don't actually have more attack- that's single ply heads- but their sustain is short and the decay is accelerated so the attack seems accentuated, even though it is less strong than a single ply head by its dual-ply nature. If you want punch, that's generally regarded with a two-ply head. You might want to look at Remo Vintage Ambassadors- they have a ply of 7.5mil and a thin ply of 3mil which is as far as I know the only one of its kind. Great snare head and it sort of brings some single-ply ideas to a dual-ply design, similar to how G12s and Ambassador X's bring some dual-ply ideas to a single-ply design.

Other than that, Aquarian's stuff is really, really good. You might want to look at their Classic Clear or Focus-X with a power dot for some thuddy two-ply action as well as the classic single-ply base. Good luck.
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