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Default Re: Anyone else into quality audio?

Since I do not have a lot of money for a new Hifi system, I am a budgetFI kinda guy. I use mainly vintage gear. I have a Marantz 2015 (19.99 thrift store) that is very clean an clinical, and a Sansui 4000 (gift from friend) from '69 that bursts with sound. I use Kef Q60 speakers (100 dollars pawn shop) that sound great for me. I also have a pair of Monitor Audio Gold 2.5's that I got for 20 dollars at Goodwill. These speakers will tell you what recordings sound horrible. As a matter of fact, they will let you know that your Pioneer 25 CD changer sounds like ass. I replaced it with a Samsung DVD player that plays SACD, much better sound.

I have not done any restoration to the receivers. The Sansui occasionally fizzes on the left side, but calms down. Sounds pretty amazing. I use the Marantz for mixing down projects, and the Sansui for me. I hook up a Yamaha Sw10 studio sub thru the headphone jack with powered direct box. Cross it over at 80 for some extra balls. However my Sansui has funk in the head phone outs, so I do not use it with that. I just turn up the bass knob a quarter turn and it does the trick. The Q60 has some bass that I did not know it had.

I will be hooking up a turntable real soon. The TRU hifi person will use vinyl. For acoustic music, vinyl sounds pretty insane. Ipods sound like poop.
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