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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Originally Posted by Markadiddle View Post
Don't knock until you've tried it, my friend. DC is a very nice, family friendly forum. We really don't need to start a forum war.
Originally Posted by Markadiddle View Post
We are all different individuals and we all have our own preferrences. I choose to seek out as many sources as I can in my journey, whether it is here, DC or any other forum. Why limit yourself?
As Mark said, DC is a great forum to enjoy's not like we have to choose one over the other. I enjoy coming here, DC and also a couple of other forums......all the better to learn and broaden our knowledge IMO

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Glen can be a nice guy, & it's my dear hope that he keeps that side to the fore. I hope he's accepted too, & I wish him luck with his barn.

As for DC, I noticed a thread about our drums there a few weeks ago. There was a few misconceptions about what we do, so I thought I'd register to offer clarification, but I think my membership application was declined. Wouldn't let me log in. Probably just as well really, as my presence there would probably not be welcomed by Glen - we've had our moments.
Andy, I wonder why your membership would have been denied. You are extremely knowledgable and always seem to help anyone who needs it...........I know you've helped me.

Do you want me to address it with the mods at DC and find out if there are any issues? Just doesn't make sense to me.
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