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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Wow Eric said that? Compliments don't get much higher than that. His drumming feels so good, it just goes right by. No matter what chops a person has, the guitarist will always go with the good feeling drummer everytime. That's what I know to be true in my world. So it doesn't matter if you have killer chops, what really matters is how good can you make the music feel. Chops help, they are not essential necessarily, and they have to be in the proper measure. Feel is King.
Yeah, EC has always felt that way. Same with Jim Keltner..both knew Jim Gordon was on another level.

Here's my favorite Jim Gordon recording. He's unrelenting with the slick ride cymbal work. Unless you are really old, most people don't understand that DATD were way ahead of their time and people didn't understand what was going on. :) There's actually a bootleg of Layla in Tampa FL, December 1970..., where you could hear the guy recording yelling, 'What the hell is this?!" :D
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