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Default Adjustable bass drum beaters

Meaning an adjustable hammer. I've searched older threads, and I can't believe I didn't see any thing on this. The beater on my DW 9000 has to go past 12:00 before it makes contact with the head. I feel I am working too hard, and would like to find a beater with an adjustable hammer so I can close the gap with a hammer adjustment. My 9000 does not slide onto my bass drum hoop as far as I'd like, and as a result, when the beater is at the 12:00 position, the hammer is still like an inch away from the head. I saw only one adjustable beater on the net, and that's it. It had a plastic wing nut which didn't strike up my confidence so I was wondering if any of the good people out there has a beater with an adjustable hammer. Thank you.
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