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It's extremely important to build as big of a sound library (things heard) as possible...IOW listen, listen, listen to as much jazz music as possible. Don't underestimate how important this is. A visual artist must build a large visual library (things seen) in order to be functional as a creative artist. Same thing with a musician, just with sound instead.

The best (and cheapest, i.e. Free) source is Pandora, IMHO. The audio quality is great. Just type in a jazz drummer's name and off you go...

You can also use sites like Youtube to build a visual library of how different drummers sit and move behind the instrument. I remember the first time I saw Elvin Jones (in a youtube video) and I was shocked at how little he moved when considering the music he produced behind the kit. I always envisioned him moving quite a bit more. It effected my playing when I finally saw him play. I realized all of the leaning to one side and the silly gyrations that I imagined him doing were totally unnecessary, lol. My playing improved from that one observation.

Books are great...but they're just books. The best jazz drummers that ever lived spent most of their time watching and listening to lots of other players. You can leverage the internet to simulate that approach (lots cheaper with greater variety), in addition to the books.

Good luck, and shame on you for even thinking of giving up! :))
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