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Default Re: Anyone else into quality audio?

So I take it you have two amps going to each speaker? nice choice BTW, I have never got my hands on any NHT's I run my EQ virtually flat or bypass it altogether now my old place had a bunch of acoustic problems I did not want to sort out with dificult room treatments as I was renting it.
That Technics will be around for another 30 years no problem. and as far as CD players go I have a 50 disc Sony I bought used for 30 bucks and it sounds great to me. I have had some expensive ones too but I am lazy and like to load it and listen for hours.

I hear you Dr Watso, I listened to a pair of 50,000 speakers last weekend with about 90,000 of gear running them, it sounded sweet but unless I win the lottery I could never justify that, maybe not even then. For me my hobbies are also about finding deals as well and not just spending money to buy "the best"
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