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Default Re: Anyone else into quality audio?

Originally Posted by HMNY View Post
Whoa, those speakers are huge, what is all the gear, do tell?
The speakers I got a week ago they are 35 year old Infinity quantum line source, and some of the best sounding speakers I have ever heard, I was not in the market but these never come up for sale and I could not resist, especially considering the condition they were in. The rest of the gear is as follows, Panasonic 50" plasma, LG blue ray, Acoustic Research center Definitive Technology bi polar surrounds, Sony CD, BSR EQ, Sony STR DA2ES receiver, I am using it as a pre amp for the mains, Rotel 990BX. And the sub is custom made by me, its a Dayton 18" down-firing with a 300 watt sub amp. I have a Rotel pre amp but its only 5.1 ch and I dont have room for the rest of my Rotel surround amps. I don't have any vinyl, I know, I just missed that boat growing up and do not want to get into it now. I have a bunch of stuff I am not using right now due to space limitations of the house we had to move into. I do have some Polk SDA SRS 2's and some Acoustic Research 312HO but they are in storage for the time being. I also use all Dayton audio patch cables. I have had a bunch more hi end gear and speakers over the years, If I had the space I would have kept it all, lol
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