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Default Re: Double bass-speed - struggling, pain

Originally Posted by DustinB View Post
Another thing I forgot to mention is my pedals. I use the iron cobras but my left pedal does not "flow" like the right one does when you hit it once, it just stops after one or two swings, instead of continuing it's pivot. Is there any points of pedal setup to look for?
I just wanted to add one "trick" I stumbled across on my own double-bass pedal...

Try hitting both pedals at the same time, doing your best not to flam the two beaters (ie. just play a string of 8th notes on both feet, at the same time)... I was playing around one day with my kit and tried this, and it actually REALLY helped me realize I had noticeably different tensions.

Doing alternating strokes I guess was really "hiding" this from me, but once I started trying to do a double hit (again, no flam), it was REALLY obvious that my left pedal needed to be tightened up to match the right pedal.

I also noticed that my bass drum was slightly out of tune, since hitting both strokes at once also made it obvious that one was getting a slightly different sound than the other.

Anyway, just thought I'd share, I was really surprised how easily this helped me realize I had not adjusted both pedals to be as similar as possible!
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