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Default Re: Have I sold out?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I don't think you're a sell out. Heck, I tried to be a working local and was making pretty good money, but there's always that tinge of "what do I do next"? feeling. I couldn't imagine buying a house and getting married, much less have health benefits for both me and my spouse while struggling to make it as a local player. And I wasn't even doing things that make me famous - it was just the day-in-day-out grind of making the attempt to keep working. It was hard and I eventually moved into what I do now.

I'm like you, I cherish the chances I get to play 'like me' and I'm totally happy to be playing, period. It could even be to an empty room. I still push myself to be as good as I can be, but I'm no longer worried if the phone stops ringing (and sometimes it doesn't ring at all).

You've made a good move.
Originally Posted by jornthedrummer View Post
I think you should be very happy with what you have - a decent job and still in 2 or 3 bands!
Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
You have a decent job most likely with some form of benefits which allows you to pursue drumming on your terms. You win!

I was in the same boat back in the 1980's when I viewed playing as an "all or none" kind of thing. Took me a long while to get through / over that and have long since moved on to a career so far outside of music it's not funny.

I love what I do and make good money at it. Able to support a home and family not to mention my drumming passion.

Lastly, having a non-musical career allows me to be the decider on what I do and do not want to play. The notion of playing music I can't stand listening to or playing just to earn a buck makes me want to sell everything I have and never play again.
Originally Posted by StickIt View Post
As in today, today? If so, Happy Birthday...if not, Happy Friday!

I'm personally sick to death of the term "sell-out". I don't think that it applies to anyone who is happy with their life and happy with what they are doing. New opportunities can come from any angle at any time, and as long as you are open to taking these into consideration, you haven't sold out on any level. That's how I see it anyway...
Way to stick it! Kidding. It's not my birthday today, but I'll tell you, 30 is not anywhere close to some other people in their 30s that I know. I actually feel like I'm still in my 20s but with more money and not living with the parents hehe.
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