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Default Re: Stupid Deal of the Day

Originally Posted by BradGunnerSGT View Post
(...) I then saved up and bought an Audix mic set with a D6, i5, D2's, and a D4 and it was a much better purchase.

Don't go super cheap where mics are concerned!! If you only have $100, buy an i5 or an SM57 instead, or save up to get a full set of decent mics later. This set is pretty much a waste of money.
Exactly. You don't want to go too cheap with mics and have them limit your sonic potential, this will only lead to frustration and you'd ask yourself why your recordings don't sound any better. Do it like cymbals - buy one mic at a time (if buying a full package isn't an option), but decent quality. And those mics mentioned are quite affordable. Microphones are 'instruments' like just about anything else.
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