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Default Re: Have I sold out?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I don't think you're a sell out. Heck, I tried to be a working local and was making pretty good money, but there's always that tinge of "what do I do next"? feeling. I couldn't imagine buying a house and getting married, much less have health benefits for both me and my spouse while struggling to make it as a local player. And I wasn't even doing things that make me famous - it was just the day-in-day-out grind of making the attempt to keep working. It was hard and I eventually moved into what I do now.

I'm like you, I cherish the chances I get to play 'like me' and I'm totally happy to be playing, period. It could even be to an empty room. I still push myself to be as good as I can be, but I'm no longer worried if the phone stops ringing (and sometimes it doesn't ring at all).

You've made a good move.
I agree completely. There's so many auditions that pay well and if I don't get the call no big deal, it's nice having the assurance of a steady paycheck that's non-musical. At the same time it's pretty humbling rolling up to a gig with a truck (an expensive one that I paid off with blood and sweat) and people get the notion that my drumming has earned me this truck. I stop them mid-sentence and tell them "Naw man, I'm an IT during the day." it's pretty humbling though.

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Love this discussion so far. I've been coming to drummerworld for years but never thought of joining the forum. Guess I have something else to help me get through the work day, ha!
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