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Default Re: Have I sold out?

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
You have a decent job most likely with some form of benefits which allows you to pursue drumming on your terms. You win!

I was in the same boat back in the 1980's when I viewed playing as an "all or none" kind of thing. Took me a long while to get through / over that and have long since moved on to a career so far outside of music it's not funny.

I love what I do and make good money at it. Able to support a home and family not to mention my drumming passion.

Lastly, having a non-musical career allows me to be the decider on what I do and do not want to play. The notion of playing music I can't stand listening to or playing just to earn a buck makes me want to sell everything I have and never play again.
Man, that's interesting, I never looked at it that way. I somehow felt I was on some kind of timetable with life as if I wasn't playing drums I was just aging away (proof that drumming keeps you young). While I was in college, I played in a band but it wasn't as serious as the one I toured with. That's a great perspective, I guess I did choose the right profession that allowed me to do what I want and still have time for it.

Come to think of it, having worked during the day, what do the full-time musicians do during the day? I would probably be giving lessons all day long until my gig in the evening whatever that may be. I couldn't see myself teaching not because I don't have the patience but probably because I'm horrible at explaining things. Most of my gigs happen obviously in the evening and the same for rehearsals. Gotta give props to the pros who play drums for a living and manage to get by.
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