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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Sticks has succeeded in his goal, to bring Saturn drums to the forefront. Everybody here, thanks to Glen, is aware of Saturn drums, with their walnut interior ply now. Hey, he educated me and I've read enough from other drummers to conclude that Mapex got it right with the Saturns.

But it's a broken record on a treadmill. personally, I'm totally sick of it. We've been down that road a hundred times, and the scenery is exactly the same, so is the destination. Anything positive said about any other brand, and Glen for some reason takes it as a slap to Saturns. Which it isn't.

Myself, I'm totally sick of the brand of drums being the most important thing. The brand of drums isn't even on the list of things that makes a great drummer, at least in my mind. The drummer is the important thing. The drum brand is just a necessary thing that drummers have to deal with.

It's a very shallow view of drumming when the brand of drums takes the lions share of thought energy.

Glen I know you are reading this. You've made your point in a thousand different threads. We get it, mission accomplished. It would be so refreshing to move on to a different focus, something not gear related. I wonder if you're on the Mapex payroll sometimes.

While outwardly, it may seem that there is a "clique" of regular posters, and really, there's no way to escape that impression, it's not a closed loop. New blood is encouraged by all. Look at the warm reception Markadiddle got. That is not the hallmark of a "clique", where "outsiders" are discouraged.
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