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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Just been out of the country for a few days, & low & behold, a "Sticks" thread!

I got the PM's this time round too. I promised not to out him, as he was supposedly just reading posts. Nothing wrong with that, but I had no Idea he was PMing other members too. Glen feels this forum is very "clicky", & operates at the exclusion of others. I suppose it's easy to mistake a group of enthusiastic posters who just happen to get along, for some sort of exclusive club - if you're centered on it.

I couldn't believe Larry got berated for expressing an opinion about drums on a drum forum. Strange eh. Just for the record, the content of Glen's PM's to me were not insulting, but the subject matter was fairly predictable.

Markadiddle - welcome - & you may want to drag these to your desktop for later use ;)
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