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Default Re: Should I warn them???

I saw this thread start a while ago but I never read it till now, I remember Glen, however it wasn't till after he'd been banned how much of a nuisance he was. Personally i had no trouble from him, however that's probably because he never replied to any of the threads that I posted on. I did find some things he posted funny though, not like they was jokes, just things that made me laugh, as well as responses, although hats off to Watso, still never fails to make me laugh.

Also Welcome to DW as many have pointed out, you'll love it here, but better bring your a-game for Watso ;)

This thread is also pretty revealing at showing how DW really is a little community in itself with new family members coming and complete with its own little history, speaking of which.....

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
At least, not without just wouldn't feel right without his minions flooding the forum again.
I'm going to guess this is the same Jared from, so what did him and his forum do. I guessing there was a forum war and he sent all the minions (Jared fanboys/ forum members) over here to something. How did it start, what happened?
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