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Default Re: So, Remo UX heads are thin.

I bought a low-end Sonor kit a while back just because I wanted the cute little 16 inch kick drum. The kit came with UX heads, and they lasted for about 2 seconds of normal playing before they were just covered with dents. Absolute garbage.

Then again, it was a low-end kit. The shells are pretty good, and the mounting hardware seems okay, but the rims are thin junk metal, and the heads are absolutely unplayable in a real-world situation.

But I knew thereíd be areas of cheapness when I bought the kit. I mean, it was cheeeeeeeap!

I donít think you can even buy any UX heads around here, and thatís no surprise because, really, who would want them? But Iím fine with Sonor using them as stock heads on their low-end product. If youíre going to cheap out somewhere, stock heads are the best place to do it, because all heads are inherently disposable. (About those rims though...)
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