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Anthony Amodeo
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A good way of starting with form based soloing is to practice smaller forms first -- fours and eights. Once you can make your way through these forms and make music while you're at it, all you need to do is to string these mini forms together to create longer solos. Each "mini form" will act as a milestone, and they will create an inner logic and organisation into your solos.
great advice

I still think in 4 and 8 bar phrases

for example for a 32 bar form I'll establish an idea for the first 8 on it for the middle two 8s.....(but each 8 being a new phrase in my mind).....then the last 8 I'll either bring it to crescendo or decrescendo or start quoting the melody of the tune to bring the band back in ....depending on what type of tune it is and usually somewhat singing the melody in my head the whole time

great advice Wave.....always easier on the brain to feel 8s and anyone who is soloing over a form obviously has been playing long enough that they feel 4s and 8s very naturally and never have to guess where they are
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