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Default Re: Good jazz books

So I went to my drum teacher today, and played some jazz for him. He said it was good and if I practiced hard this year, I would easily get in. My biggest problems are:
1. I'm not very good at following the form aka I will miss or play too many bars if I have a solo over so and so many bars.

2. I need to start with the basics and practice a lot of ride technique, since I have a "hi-hat" hand as my teacher called. Need to be looser and have a better foundation for my chops and ideas.

3. He said I should buy The Art of Bop drumming(which I'm going to order right away).

4. Play more to playalongs and record myself more often

5. He was going to check if I could join some jazz-jams later, if I practice hard and get better.
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