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Default Re: Double bass-speed - struggling, pain

Hey thanks for the responses.

I have been working on that dribble technique with my hands after seeing JoJo Mayer's secret weapons video and him talking about that Gladstone method and relating it to bouncing a ball on the drumhead, I feel kinda silly not having thought to apply that to my feet! I actually rearranged my whole kit so anything i hit was perpendicular to the way I play.

I do try to relax in practice, and once I get comfy just focus on making sure I am not holding my breath or tensing up in the shoulders or anything.

I was thinking about it last night, maybe I should invest in a nice throne? I have always just used the cheap $30 ones from GC. But maybe one of the swivel ones where you can fine tune the height more may help? These ones are not the most comfortable to play, and sometimes I practice for 2-3 hours straight and then go stand up and go "ow....ow...." cause my hips/low back hurt.

I know what you mean about the frustration though haha. I used to get so frustrated cause I just want to learn it NOW and move on. I usually switch to practicing something else when I do get frustrated for a minutes and come back.

I will try stretching more and make sure I am warm before playing as well as that dribble method. Maybe i'll invest in a comfy throne as well. Thanks for the videos too I'll check them out.

Another thing I forgot to mention is my pedals. I use the iron cobras but my left pedal does not "flow" like the right one does when you hit it once, it just stops after one or two swings, instead of continuing it's pivot. Is there any points of pedal setup to look for?
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