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Default Re: A very happy morning....

Originally Posted by longgun View Post
Congrats xsarith....................just a quick tip, when tuning the bottom head without removing the snares, you can take some paper towels and fold them underneath the snares. It dampens any resonance of the head, but you can at least here the tone at each lug and adjust accordingly. It's still better to remove the snares if you have the time.

What is "Super" moongel?
Thanks, and I hadn't really thought of that, I usually disengage the snares and put a drum stick across the drum so it rests on the rim but underneath the snares to create like a bridge, but its a bit of a hassle and I lose where the snare were set since I have to set it to no tension and disengage so the stick fits under, the paper towels might be a better solution.

Although with this drum since the wires are so wide they cover where if hit the head to tune the 4 lugs next to it, I have physically move and hold the snares out of the way so I can hit the head near the lug, I think you can see it in one of the pictures.

As for "super" moongel, I think they have upgraded the moongel and its just a marketing gimmick. It looks the exact same and same container as normal moongel, this one boasts that it'll stick on anything even reso heads or the underside of cymbals. Probably a gimmick.
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