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Default Re: A very happy morning....

Originally Posted by xsarith View Post
Cheers guys, I am now officially 18. :)

So for a drum update; I tuned it, still with the stock heads, and took it to band practice and Damn it was awesome, I was in a pretty reverberant room and it just made the drum so much better, an epic crack, with a pleasantly slight decay of the snares after, it sounded awesome However the drum sounded higher than I wanted it, so i might lower the tuning slightly, and the hazy side was tuned without removing the snares, which was pretty hard to do since the 42 wires cover the lugs next to it, so there's a bit of fine tuning nut it sounded great to me and the band.

I'll try and get a video/recording of the snare, but it most likely wont sound that good since it'll be on my phone, Im doing to live recording with my band soon were it'll be mic'd with a SM57.

EDIT: One gripe of the drum I don't like is the strainer, as it is increment styled and locks at each increment its takes a quite a bit more force to twist it which is a bit of a pain, the butt end is the same but much smoother and easier to move. Its not really a big problem to be honest, just a slight nuisance of them drum when adjusting the snare tension, I definitely like the benefits though.
Congrats xsarith....................just a quick tip, when tuning the bottom head without removing the snares, you can take some paper towels and fold them underneath the snares. It dampens any resonance of the head, but you can at least here the tone at each lug and adjust accordingly. It's still better to remove the snares if you have the time.

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