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Default Humes & Berg tilt and pull cymbal bag?

Hello fellow drummers. I need some advice comparing two cymbal bags I'm interested in. The first is the humes & berg tilt and pull cymbal at this link:

They make it in a galaxy version and the tuxedo version as well. I've read that several drummers complain that when they put their cymbals in bags like this, the bags fall over and will not stand upright. Has anyone had any good luck with this one?

The next one is the ahead armor deluxe cymbal bag at this link:

I like this one because it has fleece lining separating your cymbals so they never touch inside and its some what waterproof. Only thing is it doesn't roll. The other one doesn't appear to have fleece dividers but I could rig that up with some hobby items. I need some help deciding because my new set of cymbals will here next week and my sabian basic bag is long overdue for a replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciative!!!!
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