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Default Re: Was this a false start by Bonzo?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
It wasn't even within cooee of the usual arrangement.
That version of the song is a great example of just how much they changed over the years. I guess their willingness to play their own material differently each night, over a ten year period, lead to a natural evolution of that track. The two versions of Whole Lotta Love from that Zepp DVD, from Albert Hall in '70 and then Knebworth nearly 10 years later, couldn't be more different. Quite common really. Check more recent versions of things like Brown Sugar or It's Only Rock 'n Roll by the Stones etc.....a far cry from what they started out as.

As for the "nerve reduction".....well, he was doing that up until and including the day he died. Not only possible, but I'd go one further and say more or less expected.
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