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Default Re: Was this a false start by Bonzo?

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
At the beginning of the Knebworth show they open with Rock n' Roll. Bonzo looks so serious, almost distressed, maybe even angry, or ill, almost like he didn't want to go on?
I'd use the word nervous. They were as nervous as they'd ever been....all of 'em.

Remember it was their first major gig for two years. Their "comeback" if you will. They weren't sure how they'd be received or if the fans would still think them relevant. They hadn't been sighted on any real scale since the US tour of '77 that was abandonded when Plant's son died.

Knebworth ended up being a triumph for them.....but at the beginning of that first number, they really didn't know how it would go down. It's little wonder you can see it in his face.

Every chance it was a mistake. First time on stage together in a couple of doubt they might have been a little rusty, regardless of prior rehearsals. But then again, knowing how they changed stuff up, there's also every chance he was just mixing it up a bit too.
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