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Default Re: Don't like the Evans G2, any other recommendations?

Problem one, the G2 head you were using was used. It has already been seated to another drum and won't seat right on your new drum, it's been stretched and worn so no way you can achieve a good sound with it.

Stock reso heads are typically not that good which can contribute to how the drum is sounding. Tuning on the reso is just as important if not more than the batter.

Buy one new batter head and try it out, that's the only way you will know what works and doesn't. You can't rely on recorded drums as the room, the mics, processing and such is totally different from where you are playing.

I tried coated heads on my yamaha kit one time, just on two toms and the result was not as I hoped. Coated heads will give a more focused and warmer sound which I thought would sound good. In the end the clear heads work best on my kit. I've used G2's and never had a problem getting them tuned where I liked them and I could get my floor tom to rumble with them. The G2's have a little darker tone compared to the Remo Emperor

Check out these videos on tuning, they can help you greatly.

This video addresses reso heads
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