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Default So, Remo UX heads are thin.

How thin? Roughly Diplomat thin. I just measured the thickness of a Mapex Remo UX head, the stock head from my 10" Mydentity tom. There's a small spot where the coating had chipped off, and since the head was due for a replacement, I sliced up the head and measured it with a cheap pair of digital calipers. The coated section measured .009 inches thick, and the section with the coating worn off was .0075-.008 inches thick. So 7.5 to 8 mil thick, about what a Diplomat is, and definitely less than the 10 mil an Abassador/G1 measures.

So it's no wonder those UX heads dent so easily. The UX heads on my toms and matching snare are chock full of dents in the middle; snare and rack toms the most, not really as much the floor toms. On the other hand, I just swapped out a 2+ year old real Remo Ambassador on my Acrolite, and that head was in great shape. Sure, it's dirty, and the coating was worn smooth in the middle, but not dented like the moon, and no chips in the coating. The only reason I had for replacing the head was that I wanted to switch to a G2 on that drum.

So yeah, stock heads suck. Boo to crappy heads on nice drums.

Now to ponder Evans or Aquarian...
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