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Default Re: List of things you have to master to be a good drummer

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
There are so many things to think about that you may overwhelm yourself.

I think the first thing you should tackle is how to move a drumstick efficiently. Of course that's JMO. What I really want to say is that working on one thing completely is far better than skimming the surface of 5 different things. So start at the very beginning and DON'T SKIP THE BASICS! The basics shouldn't even be called basics, people dismiss them too easily. The basics permeate ALL of your playing, so give them their due diligence.

To me the basics are:

Being able to work the sticks efficiently. There are many paths to the waterfall, you have to find yours.
Being able to play rudiments in time to a met
Learning how to read and understanding the note values.

Those 3 things could keep you busy for years. Approach drums like a musician approaches a pitched instrument, same way.

AND- relax. Let the shoulders down, spend the time to develop the hand technique up front or you wont be able to progress. Always relaxed. Harder than it sounds...
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