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Default Don't like the Evans G2, any other recommendations?

Ever since I became a drummer (3 years this May) I've heard nothing but praise for the Evans G2.
I had it on my floor tom for my first kit (CB drums) and I didn't even realize it was a G2, and even if I did I probably wouldn't have gotten much out of it due to my tuning at the time and;'s CB drums.
I later switched to Hydraulics which I'll mention later.

Now that I have a Mapex Meridian and I'm better with tuning, I was going to order the G2s (coated) but before I did so; I remembered that I had a G2 already.
Currently I have the stock heads for my Mapex
I don't like the rack tom much, I don't like my 18 floor tom, but I liked my 16 a lot with the stock head - but ever since I put on the G2 I haven't liked it, maybe even hated it.

One thing is that I like tuning my floor toms low and the G2 does not allowed me to do that.
I did tune it pretty decently at first and it was good/okay, but when I wanted to lower it just a BIT it sounded terrible.

When I first tuned them they sounded like tin cans, then they sounded too boomy, then I kinda got it good/okay but it was still a bit too high, so I lowered it and now it sounds bad again.
They sound dead, and like it's nothing but resonance and warmth.
Also I noticed that I have to hit them REALLY hard to get a decent sound.
Without moon gel it was too ringy, with moon gel it reminded me of the Hydraulics, except a lot warmer sounding.

The weird thing though is that I like how these toms sound in almost every video I've seen.
Maybe it's my kit, maybe because it's an old skin, maybe it's that I'm using the stock Mapex heads as resonants? I'm not the best tuner in the world and the people who demonstrate the skins seem to have dynamic/sound proof drum rooms.

Before this I used Hydraulics on my CB drums with no resonant and they sounded way too dead, but it fit the drums since they suck.
I don't want to use them now since I'd like my drums to sing a bit at least.

Maybe I just don't like the heads (crucify me)
I was looking at the EC2 Frosted or Clear and the Onyx heads as well, do you think those would fit me more?
or should I spend more time with this G2 head?
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