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Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
So, I've been through this years jazz-study auditions, and it went horribly and excruciatingly bad. It was so bad that I contemplated selling my drums and take up something else.
Anyhow, after some downtime, I've decided to not give up and study/practice even more.

So, therefore I need some books I can delve deep into, to learn the jazz language better. I need some more "headroom" as John Riley calls it, and more independence.
Any good books out there?
I failed my first audition at a prestigious university jazz program. It happens. I stuck to it and I make my living playing and teaching while guys I know who were in the program have given up and gone onto other things. Stay focussed on what you want and you'll get there.

Lots of books have been recommended, so I won't go there. Find a good mentor/teacher. Pay whatever it costs.

Listen a tonne.

Play with whoever will let you.

And remind yourself daily why you do it. Get a tattoo.
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