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Default Re: Help with drum recording

If its for listening back to and not really recording then you could just buy triggers and run them through your Yamaha drum module, they'll sound Identical then, this is most likely the cheapest way too, however it does leave out the cymbals.

Listening back through micing will not get them to sound like the Yamaha without extensive time setting up real time processing on the mics. There is also a lot to think about when setting this up, how many mics do you want/need, how do you want to process it, can you process it, then the equipment too.

if going the micing route, In short you'll need:

Mics (condersers and dynamic)
XLR cables
Mic stands/clips/rim mounts
an Audio Interface
Mixing Desk OR DAW which you can monitor on. (or both)

Again like i said there is a lot to consider too which will factor what you but cause there's many possible routes to take to achieve the same result, some more beneficial than others.

Also Welcome to the Forums
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