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Default Re: Issues with tuning - '00 Stage Custom

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
That rumor is just that -- a rumor. I own the 1st generation Stage Customs (1999 vintage) and they don't detune on me for weeks or months.

I don't drumdial at all. I tune by 1/2 turns of a drumkey. I tune the bottom head maybe one or 1 1/2 turns higher than the top head, and I tune that one maybe a full turn after the hoop starts picking up tension. I then finetune to taste. This gets me a nice, open, sustaining tone that I can then add a tiny scoche of gel to if I want to tame it down.

I use coated G2s over clear G1s, like you. Make sure any time you get a set of used drums that you go ahead and change out resos.
Thats great to hear! I was doing some research on this kit after I picked it up for a steal! I came across a forum where someone was complaining about their older SC kit staying in tune. I really didn't think too much of it since it was only one dudes opinion. Get this....I got this kit in mint condition, with gig bags, hardware, pedal, original Yamaha cymbals, EVERYTHIN, for $150! Some person listed it on Craigslist with a photo of what they "thought it looked like". The girl got these 5 years ago, attempted to learn for a while, got fed up, put them back in their cases, and there they sat! This couple ended up moving out of state and leving some things behind until the house house sold. Well....the house ended up selling and they were in a mad rush to clear the place out. I offered $150 sight unseen and she took the offer. I had no idea what model they were, what kind of shape they were in, etc...I had to drive a little over an hour, so I was crossing my fingers for a good buy. Low and behold, I opened the gig bags and these beauties were inside! Their friend that met me their for the sale was an older gentleman (70's) when he saw them he said "can't beat that deal with a stick!" I agreed while attempting to hold back my; HELL YEAH face! I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow.
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