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Default Re: Issues with tuning - '00 Stage Custom

Originally Posted by jlbanik View Post
This is true....I actually plan on stopping tonight for new reso heads and plan on picking up some nylon washers for all the lugs. Heard a rumor these kits don't stay in tune that great, hope this helps!

Would still like to know if anyone out there has any drum dial #'s for a stage custom kit...if anything, just curious what tension these kits sound the best at.
That rumor is just that -- a rumor. I own the 1st generation Stage Customs (1999 vintage) and they don't detune on me for weeks or months.

I don't drumdial at all. I tune by 1/2 turns of a drumkey. I tune the bottom head maybe one or 1 1/2 turns higher than the top head, and I tune that one maybe a full turn after the hoop starts picking up tension. I then finetune to taste. This gets me a nice, open, sustaining tone that I can then add a tiny scoche of gel to if I want to tame it down.

I use coated G2s over clear G1s, like you. Make sure any time you get a set of used drums that you go ahead and change out resos.
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