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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Mark, there's a guy here named Dr. Watso. He, more than anyone here, IMO, is DrummerWorld's class clown emeritus. So you better have some good stuff cause my man Watso is a hard act to follow. Just a heads up lol. It's all good. Can't have too much humor.
Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Ha! We have several members like that here too... Dr_Watso is one of the famous clown here at DW :)

Edit: Damn, I didn't see Uncle Larry's post until I posted my reply, sorry for the dupplicate, at least you'll know who to look for :)
Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Yea Watso is a bit of a turd, but a good turd. The kind that slips right out of you and doesn't make a mess. You're just kind of glad it's gone lol.
Ok, I'm furiously taking notes here.

Another funny guy on the forum....
humor ok....
don't take a crap like you did on that other drum forum...
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