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Default Issues with tuning - '00 Stage Custom


First off, let me say I am new here and thank you for letting me join your wonderfull drummer comunity!

I have an older (2000) Yamaha Stage custom kit in a marina green I just picked up. I have Evans G2 coated heads with the original reso heads. I am having a heck of a time tuning my two toms (12 & 14). I use a combo of a drum dial to get me close, and ear to perfect the tone. I can not find the "sweet spot" on these drums to save my life! Does anyone out there with a similar set up happen to have their drum dial #'s for those two toms? This would at least provide me a decent starting point. This could also be due to the different type of wood these drums are made out of....I'm use to 100% maple and Birch shells, and these are a mix of falcata, birch, and mahogany.

I should also mention that I play alternative rock music, so I tend to lean on the side of low to mid tuning taste.

Thanks a ton for your input!
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