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Default Re: List of things you have to master to be a good drummer

To add to Larry's post - which I agree with - I'm going to also add listening skills.

I posted a while ago about the difference between listening skills and mechanical skills. Mechanical skills are something you can practice methodically, with books and schedules and I absolutely support learning in that way. Listening skills are a little more nebulous. The ability to respond to other musicians is something that a lot of drummers forget about and I've heard plenty of examples of drummers playing mechanically impressive music and forgetting that their job is part of a collective experience with other musicians.

There are ways of practicing listening. Transcribing music with annotations describing the actions of other players is one method. For instance, if you discover that the drummer is playing more loudly on a recording, it may be as a result of a guitarist engaging a distortion pedal or similar - note that down. Don't simply transcribe, but describe and explain. This is very effective in highly communicative music, like Jazz.

I'm a terrible transcriber but it's a method that I will suggest as an effective solution.

The other is to just listen to a lot of music and find other players. It's so important to work as part of the collective experience and the best way to practice that is to play.
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