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Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Welcome to the forum Mark (I'm guessing it's Mark?)

You'll like it here, we're a nice bunch of friendly members :)

Ditto for this forum, a very friendly forum, but if a member crosses the line, the ban hammer strike, which is only fair do, isn't it?
Thanks for the welcome! Yep, Mark(although it's my middle name). You nailed it!

I absolutely agree. I join these forums because, 1.) I love drumming. 2.) I am always on a quest for knowledge when it comes to my favorite hobby and 3.) I like to discuss things in a civil manner and have a little fun while doing so. (I'm kind of the class clown over at DC.)

Originally Posted by larryace View Post

Markadiddle, great handle and your avi made me chuckle. Welcome.
Thanks man! (sorry for the double post again)

Yep, middle name is Mark and I'm always "diddleing" around on my kit. The AVI was something I posted over at DC in a random pic thread and when I saw it, it made me chuckle.

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